винтовые забойные двигателиVNIIBT-Drilling Tools manufactures and supplies a wide range of down hole motors.

These tools are presented at the international oil & gas market under brand name Integra-Drilling Tools and known as SiberMotor registered trade marks.

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 SIBERMOTOR  is higly efficient tool corresponding to the requirements of all modern oil and gas on- and off-shore well drilling technologies.

Sibermotors are used for

  • vertical, deviated or horizontal oil and gas wells drilling;
  • workover operations;
  • undergraund laying drilling.

SiberMotor Advantages:

Positive displacement motors (PDM) standard configuration has adjustable bent housing, except for three small diameter motors. Bend angle values are specified in the table. There is possibility to supply PDM equipped with X-over subs instead of adjustable bent housing upon the customer’s requirement.
Flex groove, i.e. middle part stator OD narrowing, improves stator threaded connections fatigue damage resistance under the run with drill string rotation. As a result there is no need to use special flex sub above the motor.

PDM top sub has regular type connecting box thread and simultaneously acts as a catching device of the rotor. Such technical invention reduces probability of the motor loss in a hole even in cases when upper part of stator is damaged.

Additionally installed float and/ or damp subs also have standard connecting regular type threads that excludes usage of supplementary X-over subs. Power section of any motor can be made of a rubber compound having increased mechanical properties, so called “hard rubber”. This provides PDM power and operating torque growth up to 50%. This technical decision is economically approved in comparison with the technology of stator lining reinforcement.

It is necessary to fill in special PDM selection form in order to make right choice. This will ensure delivery of the equipment mostly suitable for the operation conditions and get maximum running efficiency.