first0015.pngVNIIBT-Drilling Tools manufactures and supplies wide range of Drilling Jars.

These tools are presented at the international oil & gas market under brand name Integra-Drilling Tools and known as SiberJar registered trade marks.

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is the drilling tool applied for the release of stuck tools. Jar has been designed as a BHA component. In case of drill string stuck, the jar facilitates its release.

The optimal means stuck release is to force down or pull up the drill string. Thus, forced pull or slack off drill string is to be applied. At the moment of the jar actuation, the stuck point is jarred with various degrees of intensiveness in the certain direction. The jar enables to accumulate and instantly release the energy of the pulled up or compressed DS interval located above the stuck zone.

The impulse transmits to the stuck drill string and releases it.


  • The jar is not equipped with latch activation mechanism. Therefore, the jar may be operated at extended reach well, complicating the establishment of an axial force required for jar recharging.
  • The application of a hydraulic jet allows the hydraulic delay stability.
  • The spline joint between the housing and the mandrel ensures reliable torque transmission at drill-string rotation.
  • The jar is applicable at BHT up to 230°С provided certain specific heatproof sealing elements are installed.
  • The splined section is placed in the jar’s bottom section which decreases the possibility of damage to the tungsten carbide coating on the spline mandrel at the rig floor while the assembling.


  • The jar equipped with latch activation mechanism, which excludes the possibility of unintentional actuation in case of build-up force or while the drilling process.
  • The jar is optimal for operation in vertical or low inclination wells, where it is possible to apply and control axial force.
  • The jar’s ID does not allow to pull up wireline equipment.