Turbine stage.pngVNIIBT-Drilling Tools manufactures and supplies wide range of Turbodrills.

These tools are presented at the international oil & gas market under brand name Integra-Drilling Tools and known as SiberTurbine registered trade marks.

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is a high speed turbodrill for the optimal performance while drilling hard and highly abrasive formations with impregnated bits.


is turbodrill with planetary gear reducer, is the only real alternative to drill high-temperature wells and in cases when high-value torque PDC bits are used.

The most efficient method of drilling hard and highly abrasive formations is drilling with impregnated bits. The bigger RPM to such rock destruction tool the drive provides, the higher is ROP. The best drive in this situation is a high speed turbodrill. The hydrodynamic principle of fluid circulating in turbine stages energy conversion allows to achieve unprecedented output rotating frequency, up to 2000 RPM. Our experience shows that in such conditions drilling speed was 2-3 times higher, that significantly reduce well construction time.

The main competitive advantage of our turbodrills is a patented design of the turbine stage blading. The use of special configuration provides the power characteristics at a minimum pressure losses.In addition to the above, when drilling with high speed turbodrills, the customer gains the following advantages:

  • guaranteed heat resistance up to 200°С;
  • eliminated BHA vibrations;
  • dramatically enhanced time between maintenance due to the thrust bearing with PDC inserts as well as turbine section radial bearings reinforced by the HVOF coating;
  • power characteristics stability within the turbodrill run in a well.
In gear reduction turbodrills the RPM is decelerated multiply due to a special planetary gear reducer that is able to receive extremely high loads. Alongside with that torque increases multiply which is enough for driving the high-value torque PDC bits. All parts of the bearing section in a gear reduction turbodrill are oil filled.