drilling-tool.pngINTEGRAVNIIBT-Drilling Tools is one of the leading Russian producers and suppliers of contemporary drilling equipment.

At present we offer the following product range produced:

  • coring tools;
  • liner running tools;
  • shock tools;
  • drill string accessories;
  • casing accessories;
  • fishing tools;
  • milling tools.

For core drilling the Company produces and sells the following coring tools:

  • NEDRA core barrels intended for uncomplicated drilling conditions.
  • KEMBRY core barrels used for drilling in loose, poorly cemented and fissured rock.
  • SILUR barrels designed for drilling in complicated with caving and landslides conditions.
  • TENGHIZ applied for drilling in conditions complicated by oil and gas shows and lost returns in rock with high reservoir features.
All core barrels, depending on the used drilling head diameter, can be completed with centralizers as an option. The core barrels are manufactured both with straight and helical blades. There are single-, double- and triple-section core barrels.

Shock tools are used to eliminate the WOB and designed for effective operation at any combination of WOB, bit pressure drop, mud density and well depth. The hydrostatic pressure closing force in a borehole or pressure drop do not influence on the tools.

We offer the following drill string accessories:

  • Downhole motor centralizers;
  • Bit centralizers;
  • Stabilizers with helical or straight blades;
  • Safety subs;
  • Drill collars;
  • Drill collars with helical grooves;
  • Hydromechanical scrapers;
  • Mechanical scrapers;
  • Telescopic string scrapers;
  • Junk baskets.
Currently our Company produces and realizes a wide range of fishing&milling tools:

  • Universal impression blocks;
  • Lead impression blocks;
  • Volumetric universal impression blocks;
  • Taper Taps;
  • Pin Taps;
  • Die Collars;
  • Junk mills;
  • Washover mills;
  • Casing taper mills.
Over the years we have become the leading supplier of drilling tool of Russian and foreign companies

All the products are certified in the Certification system of the oil and gas field equipment GOST R and in the Certification system of the fuel-and-power sector.